About Us

Marriage Miracles utilizes faith-based principles to heal, restore and rebuild marriages.

Marriage Miracles’ founder and CEO is Paul Christian Sullivan. Paul is an attorney currently licensed to practice law in Florida, Maryland and West Virginia, but his passion is working as a mediator to help couples heal, rebuild and restore their marriages primarily using God’s Design for Marriage. His initial training as a mediator started in 1986 and later in the 1990’s he was trained in Maryland in General Mediation and Family Mediation. Paul retired from the full-time practice of law in December 1999 at the age of 47. He moved to Fort Myers in 2000 and was certified in Florida Circuit Civil and Family Mediation but continued to be active as lead counsel in major litigation cases.

In September 2003, Paul started applying his legal background and mediation skills with his strong Christian faith and offered faith-based mediation as an alternative means of dispute resolution in trouble marriages. Paul also served as the president of the Allegany County Bar Association in Western Maryland, and through the years has served the public in many volunteer and pro bono activities. He also started teaching the Oasis Sunday School class for the separated and newly divorced at his church in Fort Myers. For many years, Paul served as either a facilitator or encourager in the Divorce Care program offered at his church in Florida and later served as director of that program in his church in Western Maryland. He has also focused heavily in premarital ministries by teaching such programs as A Biblical Portrait of Marriage and The Song of Solomon.

In September 2005, Paul accepted God’s calling for him to dedicate his life to the full-time ministry of peacemaking. In July 2006, Paul moved back to Maryland to care for his aging parents. He also reopened his law practice in Maryland and focused primarily on peacemaking models of resolving family law matters using mediation and collaborative law. At the same time, Paul continued the marriage ministry on a full time basis. His calling has grown into the formation of Marriage Miracles focusing exclusively on restoring and rebuilding everlasting love in marriages.

Marriage mediation is completely different than counseling. In fact, it is not counseling at all. For example with a Christian couple, the couple leaves each session with a Foundational Agreement they have created through mediation using God’s Design for Marriage. Slowly the past peels away so the couple can live, not in the past, but in the present and into the future they create by using God’s Design for Marriage. After each successive session, the Foundational Agreement is tweaked as the couple builds on their new foundation. In later sessions, support structures are created to render aide as needed in the future.

Unlike counseling which can continue for years as the couple walk together or individually trying to discover the reasons for their behavioral weaknesses, marriage mediation produces an immediate pathway to rebuilding and restoration using God’s Design for Marriage. Any troubled marriage can be healed, rebuilt and restored through total submission to God, independence from parents, the distinct but equally valued roles of husband and wife, the responsibilities and energizing cycle of love and respect, and mutual submission in conflict and otherwise.

For couples who do not ascribe to God’s Design for Marriage under Christian principles, marriage mediation focuses on the faith-system of the couple. Using his lifelong study of religious philosophy, Paul has worked successfully with couples of many different belief systems, including but not limited to, Atheists, Agnostics, Mormons, Quakers, followers of Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and couples of mixed or different religions. Paul realizes faith is a powerful tool in mediation such that divorce occurs only when there is a breakdown, through the exercise of free will, by one individual choosing not to follow the basic principles of one’s faith.

One key to the ministry’s success is follow-up and monitoring to provide guidance and assistance in tense or troubled times. While the purpose of the ministry is to transform the marital structure so that further assistance is not needed, the ministry remains on call as needed.

Paul lives in Hagerstown MD but travels anywhere to do marriage mediations and to train disciples. He teaches a thirteen week program called God’s Design for Marriage, and works with couples planning marriage using God’s Design for Marriage and the principles of premarital programs including A Biblical Portrait of Marriage and The Song of Solomon.

Paul is married to Cynthia Ruth Sullivan, one of the foremost Realtors in Maryland. He is also the father of Dr. Colleen J. McMullin who teaches psychology at Worchester State University in Massachusetts and step-father of Kelly R. Moler, J.D., CFO for Mom’s Organic Markets. Paul resides in Hagerstown with his wife and his 97 year old father, John C. Sullivan, Esquire.

Donations to the Marriage Miracles ministry are welcome from all sources and are used for marketing purposes and to provide services for low-income couples.

Core Values Statement

The purpose of marriage is to glorify God through obedience and spiritual growth. Marriage is not intended by God solely to make life easier for two individuals. More »

Mission Statement

The commitment of the marriage mediation ministry called Marriage Miracles1 is to deliver the Word of God to all people related to God’s Design for Marriage.  God’s Design for Marriage is comprised of seven separate elements, each based on the Word of God. More »

Purpose Statement

One of the foremost purposes of a marriage mediation ministry is to deliver the Word of God.  Educating believers and unbelievers about God’s Design for Marriage identifies God’s simple template for how marriages can work successfully without the risk of separation or divorce. More »

Vision Statement

The vision of a marriage mediation ministry is to edify and glorify God by working to fulfill God’s will for covenant marriage relationships. God’s will is enunciated very clearly in properly interpreted scripture that marriage is indissolvable until the death of one spouse. More »