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  • Marriage Miracles’ founder and CEO is Paul Christian Sullivan.

    Paul has been an attorney since 1977 and a court appointed mediator since 1986, but his passion is working as a mediator to help couples heal, rebuild and restore their marriages primarily using God’s Design for Marriage.

    My Background

    Marriage Miracles utilizes faith-based principles to heal, restore and rebuild marriages.

    Marriage Miracles workers include licensed professionals in law and mediation as well as trained non-professionals having experience in healthy faith-based marriages and divorce recovery programs. Donations for marketing the ministry of Marriage Miracles are welcome from all sources.

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    Building your Marriage

    Marriage Miracles

    In the mid-1980’s, Paul delved into the process of mediation and has been a mediator nationally and internationally continuously since that time.

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    Sullivan Select LLC

    Paul is the real estate broker for Sullivan Select LLC, Luxury Real Estate Services which he developed in MD and PA with his wife, Cynthia Sullivan.

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    Legal Mediation

    Paul started serving as a mediator in 1986 and became certified in Maryland in general mediation and family law mediation in the late 1990’s.

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    My Books

    Paul is also a national award-winning author garnishing two first-place awards for his book, God’s Design for Marriage, Building & Restoring Everlasting Love.

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    Contact us if you would like to schedule a session for premarital preparation or marriage mediation to rebuild and restore your marriage.

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