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    In the mid-1980’s, Paul delved into the process of mediation and has been a mediator nationally and internationally continuously since that time. Not only is he a court appointed mediator, but in 2002 he created Marriage Miracles, a marriage ministry to help rebuild and restore marriages using God’s design for marriage. Our services through this ministry include:

    • Marriage Checkup
    • Marriage Mentoring
    • Marriage Workshop
    • Marriage Counseling Referrals
    • Marriage Coaching
    • Marriage Mediation
    • Family Mediation
    • Premarital Mediation

    When last analyzed, 86% of the couples who have come to the table for marriage mediation are still married.

    Call 301-733-5252 (Hagerstown) or 443-239-3939 (Stevensville, MD) or contact us online through our “Contact” portal.

    Marriage Miracles is a subsidiary of the professional association, Paul C. Sullivan, PA.

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